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About UCLU Debating Society

UCLU Debating Society

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Welcome to UCLU Debating Society, UCL’s oldest and arguably most prestigious society, but one that is always open to everyone who wishes to attend. Below is a brief summary of the many facets of this exciting, innovative and busy society!

Get Involved

There are many different parts of the society to suit everyone’s interest whether you prefer taking part in high quality topical debates or want to get involved competitively. Our schools programme is ideal if you like practising your skills and teaching others, no prior experience needed!

At the very heart of our society is the passion for debating, freedom of speech and critical thought. We welcome anyone and everyone to take part, regardless of whether you have had any previous experience or not. It doesn’t matter what academic discipline you study and we also pride ourselves on being politically and religiously neutral. You’ll find that our committee and membership is very diverse in background and opinions but we all have a shared commitment to UCLU Debating Society and are willing to try and accommodate anyone who wants to get involved. This year we hope to build on the great work done by the previous Directors of Debates to help make this one of the most successful competitive debating societies in the country. If you want to take part we will develop your skills and support everyone we can in attending Inter Varsity competitions over the year. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Check this page regularly and join our Facebook page to receive the latest information.

Very best wishes and I look forward to seeing you soon,

Hannah Edwards
President of UCL Union Debating Society